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Do you like Italian lifestyle, culture and cuisine? Have you ever thought to follow a cooking course? Or maybe you were wondering how olive oil or mozzarella are produces? Do you want to figure it out? Feetoutofbed is a travel blog which shares its experience seen around the world and the only travel blog-guide organizing vacations in Puglia - a non cliche destination in Italy. Villa rentals, concierge service, wine and olive oil tasting. To discover more click the button.


What should you know before booking your next flight? Figure out several useful ideas how to get it cheaper and easier! And of course, subscribe to my travel blog: feetoutofbed.com 😉 There are three main rules to follow while booking a flight and you’ll definitely succeed in finding the beast deals! #1 FLEXIBILITY – is […]

Tel Aviv: exploring contrasts

Continuing my previous story telling about Tel Aviv… Did you know? Population 7.9 mil. Visitors per year 3.5 mil. Renewable energy 4.88% I should confess: this time I didn’t spend time visiting museums, galleries and so on. Even though Israel has the most museums per capita than any country in the world. So I should […]


Fashion Saturday with Kuzyomin brand

This Saturday we’ve made an awesome shooting with one Ukrainian shoe brand for Shoesdays column (coming soon). Moreover, we added a bit more of ironic retro chic by Alexandr Kuzyomin, young Russian brand, which presented its FW16/17 collection withing Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. As the main accent in his collection was made on a tuxedo, the […]


This was literary one of the funniest, craziest, unexpected and super emotional trip to South of Italy in Puglia together with the best friend of mine! Those two weeks charged us for all the time since 2014, because every time we remember it we can’t stop, but laugh! Let’s see what kind of location is […]