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Do you like Italian cuisine? Have you ever thought to follow a cooking course? Or maybe you were wondering how olive oil or mozzarella are produces? Do you want to figure it out? Click the button.

Masseria del sale restaurant

As I’ve already told you in my previous post about the lifestyle and habits of Southern Italians, people who live in those regions easily move around the neighboring areas. Like we do from a district to another one in a megapolis. For example, for a lunch or a dinner. Or after a dinner for a […]


Italian Masseria. Ever heard of that?

Each Italian region has its own particularities — from cuisine to routine life habits to various infrastructures to spend a vacation. As soon as you get to Puglia (“heel” of the boot), more to the South better it is, you’ll immediately notice lots of signs with a word “masseria”. On my way from Bari airport […]


How Do Italians Live in South?

So I keep going with my stories following a three-weeks vacation in Puglia, the “heel” of Italy. We’ve already talked in brief about the local food traditions (yes, believe me, very in brief!). In case you’ve missed it see the part 1 here. Now get ready. 🙂 I begin with my observations on Italian lifestyle […]

9 velvet autumn boots you will fall in love with!

From swimming suits to boots velvet is again on top. You may think excessive grandeur? Totally no, it functions as a cool accent and gives a romantic flair. Smooth and sleek. See below the designs that are ideal for skirt, pants and dress look. SENSO;; $165 Mafia Velvet Boots;; £85.00 Ash “Flora” Boots;; €190 Strategia;; […]