Monopoli restaurants: La Locanda sul Porto overview

I continue to fill my personal map of quality restaurants in Puglia and this time we move to Monopoli, a very lively and important spot of Puglia region city. Apart from its significant role in the economic and touristic development of Puglia Monopoli has a lot to offer during the whole year: restaurants, concerts, wine cellars around. Actually, the reason why I do love this city is that it doesn’t depend much on touristic seasons. We’ve spent several weekends there during this autumn and the downtown was overcrowded! The aperitif time begins here at midday 😉

Once the local friends (experts in a quality cuisine and right places) invited us to their favorite seafood restaurant in Monopoli called La Locanda sul Porto which faces the waterfront, the small port of yachts. At the same time, it is located at a tiny angle of the street and is hidden from a crowdy walking area, surrounded by a freshly painted two-floors houses covered with flowers hanging down from the balconies.

Actually, the La Locanda sul Porto is quite small, but so cozy. It contains an almost always working terrace with the heating as the weather permits and 3 homish spaces inside on different levels. The renovation has been done 2 years ago and now it is an authentic styled place with modern accents.

The cuisine at this restaurant is a fine balance of traditional regional and modern Italian, taking the best from both styles to create elegant dishes with the one main ingredient – fish and seafood. The wine list here is on a very proper level as well.

As everywhere in Puglia start your lunch here with a rich antipasti accompanied by rosè. Here you can choose various types of seafood plateau: shrimps, oysters, the freshest mussels and clams, mix of carpaccios tuna, white fish, Afterwards, have some first dish – pasta with a sauce in an unusual interpretation of the chef. “Spaghetto alla chitarra” was wickedly good! Of course, you have to ask what there is out of menu.Delicious! Here everything you’ll take will be extra delicious. The products are of a high quality.

If you’ll have some space fro a second dish… hmmm 🙂 Not sure… But the deserts, oh that desserts…Delicious! Here everything you’ll take will be extra delicious. The products are of a high quality.

Don’t forget to book it at least a day before your visit 😉 If you need some help with that, just let me know (info in contacts).

If you’ve already been in La Locanda sul Porto in Monopoli, please share your opinion. It is precious! 🙂

The address:
Via Cristoforo Colombo 10/11

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Gallipoli red shrimps carpaccio. So precious and so delicious!
We took antipasto misto (a mix) della Locanda