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Masseria Potenti. Apulian Rustic Luxury in the Land of Primitivo Wine

Visiting Puglia, especially for the first time, is always an unexpected experience. It has what the rest of Italy doesn’t. Consider that till the last more or less 10 years the region of Puglia was “closed” from the outer world as people preferred to preserve that authenticity and their region for themselves. Today this authenticity is a trademark of the Italian […]

3 Unconventional Summer Picnic Spots

Summer is still booming! Divide your picnic experience which you’ve had in comments 🙂 We are used to making picnics mostly at our home place. I suggest you to think the spots for picnicking when you travel. Add this activity in your to-do-list and discovery the cities from another perspective. Spot #1 No Cliche Sightseeings  […]

5 tips to plan your vacation in Puglia, Italy

Region of Puglia is a perfect destination for vacation. Cliche phrase? Let’s have a look. Italian Puglia has 2 seas – Adriatic and Ionian sea. In addition to being the most eastern region of Italy, Puglia, with about 800 kilometers of coastline, is the biggest coastal region in Italy. One of Puglia’s major cities Lecce […]