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Do you like Italian cuisine? Have you ever thought to follow a cooking course? Or maybe you were wondering how olive oil or mozzarella are produces? Do you want to figure it out? Click the button.

3 Unconventional Summer Picnic Spots

Summer is still booming! Divide your picnic experience which you’ve had in comments 🙂 We are used to making picnics mostly at our home place. I suggest you to think the spots for picnicking when you travel. Add this activity in your to-do-list and discovery the cities from another perspective. Spot #1 No Cliche Sightseeings  […]

5 tips to plan your vacation in Puglia, Italy

Region of Puglia is a perfect destination for vacation. Cliche phrase? Let’s have a look. Italian Puglia has 2 seas – Adriatic and Ionian sea. In addition to being the most eastern region of Italy, Puglia, with about 800 kilometers of coastline, is the biggest coastal region in Italy. One of Puglia’s major cities Lecce […]

5 things to do in a day in Bari, Italy

Bari is a capital and a huge port of South Italian region Puglia. Bari is a Mecca for orthodox people, which for about 25 years has even been an independent Arab emirate. Bari is one of the biggest Italian cities with its characteristic 9 neighborhoods and is absolutely different from what you are used to see […]